GoldMine’s Latest Release targets many e-mail center based issues, along with a transfer set creation failure potential, and multi-user activity.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule your upgrade!

See release notes below:

  • Transfer set creation fails if there is a missing document
  • several Event log entries when moving an recurring activity on the calendar with having multiple Users activated – The multi-part identifier “C1.STATUS” could not be bound.
  • When sending an email merge the senders name does not appear in the from line
  • Wrong interpretation of e-mail address when email is linked to GoldMine from Outlook do to a “single quote” character
  • Activity scheduled for multiple users in GoldMine, unable to change single instances (Notes, times, alarms etc. ) when opened from graphical calendar
  • Horizontal splitter bar in the Email centre is reset when another tab is opened.
  • When sending an email merge the reply address is incorrectly formatted if a custom character set is used.
  • Group emails have missing human readable from name. As a result From address appears as [email protected]@domain which errors on a reply
  • Friendly name does not appear when running a email merge from the document center
  • The use in Exchange of “Lastname, firstname” cause GM to fail when sent Outlook MAPI emails.


GoldMine – Release Notes