We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GoldMine is now available. This update includes some key features and updates.

This Release Includes:

  • Updates from over 261 customer requests and includes all cumulative “hotfix” releases
  • Support for Office 2013 – and includes support for Office 365
  • Constant Contact Integration; leading email marketing platform

Constant Contact Integration

With this release, we announce that GoldMine and Constant Contact have teamed up to provide you with a powerful new way to manage your email marketing.

Constant Contact is the worldwide leader in email marketing – and GoldMine is a leader in premise based CRM. The Constant Contact integration with GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 provides a powerful way to take your email marketing to a new level:

  • Use your existing account, sign up for one within GoldMine or a participating Constant Contact reseller
  • GoldMine’s filtering capabilities will let you prepare targeted lists for targeted campaigns
  • Upload your content and GoldMine list to Constant Contact for reliable and effective delivery of your message
  • Download campaign results real-time – as well as detailed response information for each mail address contact
  • View campaign results for new and existing campaigns
  • Query for results to work with contacts– for example, everyone who opened – and then use GoldMine activity Management to schedule follow-up activities
  • And this new integration can update contacts with information from campaigns run previously

Register for a free 14-day trial at https://www.constantcontact.com/features/signup.jsp?pn=goldminecrm

Product Access – To download GMPE 2013.1:

  • Log in to our support site https://support.frontrange.com/Support/Login.aspx (support site login directions are below)
  • Click on the Drivers and Downloads link and choose GoldMine, then select GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) from the drop down menu
  • Download GMPE 2013.1

Support Site Login Information

If you are registered on our site, your login will be your email address. If you do not have an active login, you may request one by emailing mailto:[email protected] or contacting us via telephone at http://frontrange.com/company/about-us/contact-support. Please include your name, email address and contract/HDA number.

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