Sometimes when Microsoft releases security patches for Outlook or if your connection to the GoldMine server disconnects it can cause the plugin within Outlook to disconnect and it will not return until you click Connect to GoldMine.

If this occurred and you did not notice it for a few hours, days, or even weeks the number of emails that may need to be linked can be staggering depending on how busy you were.

Luckily if you have the option “Enable Auto-Linking when…” enabled you can very quickly link all emails according to the automatic linking choice.

  1. Create a folder under the primary Inbox, name it anything you wish as it is only temporary and will be deleted soon.
  2. Move all emails that were not linked during the down time into the newly made folder
  3. Ensure the plugin is connected to GoldMine once again
  4. Move all emails back from the temporary folder into the Inbox
  5. Outlook will look like it is frozen but leave it alone for a bit of time as the processing happens in the background.


This causes the plugin to see all of the emails not already linked as having just been received and will attempt to link them back into GoldMine. This only works on messages not already linked. If it already has a checkmark it gets skipped.

Extra Tip: Do this in small batches. You can move all messages out of the Inbox into the temporary folder, but move the messages back into the Inbox in batches especially if you have thousands of messages to link.

This works for Sent messages as well, just move them to a temporary folder and then back into the Sent folder.