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Linking Case Management to the Web

GoldService allows your end-users to manage their contact information, view upcoming and past appointments, detail entries and more!

Make use of the GoldMine Service Centre by allowing your contacts to create their own Cases in GoldMine. Setup notifications, upon case creation to notify GoldMine users of a new case, force valid input using GoldMines lookup values for fields.

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  • Field Updating – Let your contacts keep their information up to date.
  • Referrals – Have any contacts that refer contacts? Let them manage the current status between the two.
  • Detail Entries – Allow your contacts to view detail entries from GoldMine, e.g. policies, terms, anything you wish.
  • Pending Appointments and History – View upcoming and past appointments in GoldMine, toggleable based upon activity/result codes.
  • Links – Allow download linked documents. e.g. store their signed documents and reference to them whenever need be.
  • Cases
    • Contacts themselves can now open their own cases in your GoldMine.
    • View and update existing open cases
    • View closed cases and resolution information.
    • Email notifications containing case details
  • Knowledgebase Centre – Create books in GoldMine’s Knowledge Base and display them as static content e.g. FAQ, Known Issues..etc
  • Windows Server 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2 with latest Windows Updates.
  • SQL 2005/2008/2008R2 – On the latest service pack
  • GoldMine 9 – Confirmed to current (
  • Internet Information Services 6+
  • PHP 5.3+ with sqlsrv driver and ioncube extensions. PHP Easy Installer
  • Password storage – one-way hash in a detail entry tied to their contact record, manual password reset is very easy.
  • Multiple login per contact – each contact record can have one Primary, but multiple Secondary users. Secondary users are managed solely by the Primary contact
  • 15 minute timeout – After 15 minutes of inactivity, user will be auto-logged out.
  • Custom theming available – create your own theme using html, PHP knowledge is not nessessary.
  • History and Pending – Restrict viewing to certain activity and resultcodes or show all, as well as ability to show notes or not.
  • Details – limit what entries are visible.
  • Language system – Default theme is built upon language files, easily edited to customize everything.
  • Downloading documents – Allow or deny contacts the ability to download files attached to cases, links and knowledgebase.

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