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Effective E-Mail Marketing

IntelliClick makes it easy to initiate e-mail marketing campaigns directly from your GoldMine. You control every step from within your business environment using the most current information from your database to identify the target audience to receive each e-mail campaign. Tracked results, passed directly back to your CRM system, in “real time”, to enable effective follow-up actions and campaigns to be driven from logged results.

Use the latest information in your GoldMineĀ® database to send and manage email campaigns without the need to upload your data anywhere else! IntelliClick For GoldMine provides a simple way to send your email campaign messages to your GoldMine target audience using the Document Management Centre and email merge capabilities built-in to all versions of GoldMine. In just 3 easy steps, you can leverage the power of tracked email campaigns within GoldMine:

  • Prepare email templates using your favourite HTML editor and place these into the GoldMine Document Management Centre
  • Insert tracked hyperlinks using the IntelliClick hyperlink wizard
  • Send your messages to your target audience by merging your template to a GoldMine contact group

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Benefit from reliable email delivery of messages sent directly from your contact database via the IntelliClick Unified Email SMTP relay option. Using the Unified Email portal, you can retrieve reports on the effectiveness of your message delivery and bounce rates.

  • eMail servers that are online 24/7/365 with a 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Alternate mail ports 25 or 2525 to avoid ISP restrictions
  • Avoid unaccepted mail due to no reverse DNS (no PTR record)
  • Supports Static or Dynamic IPs (DSL, FiOS, Cable, etc)
  • Send large file attachments
  • Support for both Inbound & Outbound TLS (Transport Layer Security) Message Encryption
  • ISP Feedback Loop notifications
  • Track your SMTP Relay usage and Bounce statistics with detailed charts and data downloads
  • Automatically remove messages that contain Hard Bounce addresses so that you don’t get blocking by ISPs

Track opens, clicks to your web pages, manage unsubscribes and go even further by tracking all the pages visited from each campaign you send. Using the IntelliClick eTrack and WebNav modules provides your company with a complete picture of interests being shown by recipients of your email campaigns. Our unique “One Click” Action Hyperlinks further enhance the response to your campaigns by making it easy for recipients to communicate with you without the need to use any forms.

Dashboards & Reports – Automated & On-Demand

IntelliClick includes GoldMine dashboards and reports which summarize the details of your campaign click track activity, breaking down each campaign and providing metrics to determine which are most effective. Real time information is available on demand or you can have it automatically delivered by email at time intervals and to recipients you designate.

View details by campaign, by web page accessed, and by date and time; with specifics about those who access your pages. Summaries across all your campaigns provide a snapshot and measurement for any time period you wish to measure.

GoldMine Dashboard

The special IntelliClick GoldMine dasboard provides “real time” statistics on each email campaign and allows you to drill down to the contacts with the highest interest levels.

Crystal Reports

All reports provided with IntelliClick are available within the GoldMine Report Center or you can have reports automatically delivered by email in PDF format to any number of designated recipients

Email On-Line Template Gallery & Editor

IntelliClick includes a gallery of professionally prepared HTML templates which you can readily use and modify with our on-line HTML WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Benefit from messages that pack a punch and are designed to be optimally displayed by virtually all email applications.

Choose from a wide variety of templates (click here for examples) which can be saved and reused from within your account at any time. Our HTML editor automatically uploads your images to a web server storage location, insuring graphics in your messages display properly to your recipients.

Use editable pictures from our template gallery or upload your own graphics from your computer as you prepare custom email messages you can readily apply in your CRM applications such as GoldMine. Video tutorials are always just a click away to guide you through the process if necessary. IntelliClick then takes it from there, enabling you to insert tracked links to measure your email marketing campaign effectiveness.

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