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Inaport is the premier customer data integration tool from InaPlex. It moves data between your CRM system and other data repositories in your organisation. Key functions provided by Inaport include:

  • Two way data integration
  • Data Migration – move legacy CRM data to new systems
  • Data Management
  • Data Integrity

Inaport is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to perform tasks such as:

  • Import contact or lead information from Excel, Access, text files, or web site, using simple or
    sophisticated matching techniques to prevent duplicates.
  • Import accounting information about Accounts or Contacts; for example, order history, current sales,
    year to date summary information. Extensive data transformation capabilites with user preview ensure
    that the data is presented in the format required.
  • Export contact information to be verified by a tele-marketing operation, then
    update the CRM system with the results.
  • Synchronize CRM information with corporate ERP systems.

Inaport provides significant benefits over the native import capabilities of your CRM system:

  • Much more powerful matching capabilities: prevent duplicates before they come in.
  • Vastly superior data transformation capabilties: ensure data is in the correct format for presentation and analysis.
  • Robust in the face of errors: handle dirty, complex data.
  • Better manageability, logging and reporting: manage by exception.

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Integration is the process of ensuring that data in your CRM system is consistent with data in other systems in your organization, such as:

  • ERP and accounting systems – e.g. sales orders, account status and history
  • Production and Manufacturing – e.g. product codes, descriptions, quantity and backorder status
  • Human resources – e.g. sales expenses and commission tracking

Inaport has been used in thousands of sites around the world for one way and bi-directional integration between Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix and SageCRM, and systems such as:

  • Sage MAS 90, 200 and 500
  • Great Plains and Navision
  • Oracle and Ingress based ERP systems

Inaport is extensively used for migration projects, ranging from standard migrations such as ACT and GoldMine through to complex multi-system merges. For example, Sage Switzerland used Inaport to merge two Oracle based Siebel CRM databases into a single SageCRM system. A US channel partner migrated a heavily customized GoldMine database into an equally customized Microsoft CRM system; the GoldMine database had over half a million contacts, and several million email records.

Custom Migrations

With its powerful data transformation and superb matching capabilities, Inaport is the tool of choice for complex migration projects for CRM vendors and resellers around the world. Inaport capabilities such as data cleansing, fuzzy match, extensive logging and management facilities, when combined with best in class user interface for migration task design ensure that project risk is controlled and success achieved.

Inaport data migration software is complemented by InaPlex with a range of data migration services. Whether going from ACT! or GoldMine to Microsoft CRM, or consolidating pools of client data across several systems, InaPlex can provide both the migration tools and the expertise for a quick, thorough and successful migration.

Standard Templates

A range of standard templates are available which cover the main elements of migrating from systems such as ACT! or GoldMine. These templates can be customized for each project as required, to handle custom fields, dirty or old data, or any other specialized requirements.

This table applies to Inaport 7.2 and above. Scroll down for previous versions.

Operating System Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000; Windows 7, Vista, XP
NOTE: Only Inaport 7.2 and above supported on Windows Server, Windows 7
Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME are not supported.
.NET Framework Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 SP2 or greater. The installer will check for the framework, and direct to a download site if required.
It may also be downloaded from:
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP2 Redistributable Package
Memory A minimum of 50 Mb of memory, but in general more memory is better. Memory requirements ae significantly affected by the type of matching being done; see the installed help for details.
Disk Approximately 100 Mb of disk space required.
Installation Inaport can be installed on any system that can connect to both the source and the target databases. For example, you can install on the main CRM server or on a workstation on the network.
The exception to this rule is when connecting to ACT!. If you need to read or write an ACT! database, you must install on a system that has ACT! installed.

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