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Increase User Confidence and Efficiency

The Trainer’s provide Microsoft Office training courses on every version from Office 2010 to Office 2016 and Office 365, and on all levels from beginner to intermediate. We offer standard and customized courses to suit your companies training needs. This includes training in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, One Note, and Access.

Any job today requires some Microsoft Office skills and The Trainer’s have qualified and certified instructors to helps you take the guesswork out of computer-based learning.

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Increase User Adoption Rates

Training & User Confidence

Office training can give you the confidence to use all the tools provided by the Microsoft Office Suite of products. You get the confidence to be self-reliant which increases your productivity by decreasing the time spent trying to figure out how to accomplish what’s needed.

Effective training helps to empower end users and helps them become confident with Microsoft Office. It’s important to select the proper level of training to help increase knowledge, skills and techniques. Real life experiences incorporated in the training increase user satisfaction.


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Onsite Training

On-Site Training

What works best for your employees is a hands-on training session where they experience and own the training when it’s complete. They get the tactile experience they need to remember the tips and tricks.

Online Training

Online Training

We have successfully used GoToMeeting for all our online training sessions for the last 5+ years. We train on your relevant Office version which enhances the adoption of the training we offer.

One-On-One Training


Have one of our trained specialists work together with you or one of your staff in a private one-on-one session. Training Sessions can be tailored to specific needs and done On-Site or Online.

Mixed On-Site and Online Training

We know it's almost impossible to coordinate your entire team to be in one place at one time. Our Office Training specialists can come on-site and connect GoToMeeting and conference line for remote staff.

Choose the Level of Office Training

Quick Start Training Packages

Introduction Training

Introduction to Microsoft Office is ideal for those who require or desire fundamental skills in any of the Microsoft Office programs. Our courses provide learners with the basic skills that employers desire.

Advanced Training

This level is designed to increase fundamental skills with Microsoft Office to a more advanced level. In this program, our certified instructors will take you through time-saving techniques, advanced functions and features.

Intermediate Training

This course is for those who are beyond the advanced functions and ready to take on more intermediate capabilities to Microsoft Office. Our certified instructors will take you through the most intermediate functions and features available within each program.

Microsoft Office Transition Training

Upgrading to Office 2016 or 365 can be very challenging. The Trainer’s will train your company the new features, the changes to the interface, and everything you need to know about each new software package.

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Custom Tailored Training with Training Expert

Cover the Topics You Need Help With

We understand, that every company is unique, and that means your training should be unique. Our training specialist works with you to build a training outlines and scenarios to cover the topics you require to succeed.

Choose the Level and the Program You Need

We have access to over 60 Professional Trainers in the GTA who are willing to travel. We can offer a broad range of training services to ensure the Microsoft Office program and level(s) are available from our certified instructors to meet your need.

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Online & On-Site Training

On-Site Training, Walkabouts and Lunch & Learns

Everyone is different in the way they learn and take in what is being taught to them. Our Certified instructors can come on-site for a group session, go office to office to work through one-on-one sessions and even break out sessions to cover focused topics during lunch & learns. Take advantage of key learning processes that work.

Get Online Training No Matter Where Your Team is Located

Employees are busy, and all over the place working hard. It's an impossible task to even think of trying to get everyone centralized for a group training. Today, with the tools and technology we have, we can facilitate a solution that brings them all together no matter where they are located.

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Customized Training Reference Guides

Training Material Geared to Your Requirements

Why should the training material you have and handout be the standard out of the box information? Training Material is a key resource that employees refer to again and again. Request our Expert Training specialist to build custom material to match your training requirements.

After Training Reference Guides

Training Manuals are read once and never referred to again. Our TRG (Trainer’s Reference Guides) are specific and concise and easy to understand. TRGs are a critical resource once the training is completed as a key resource to refer to and refresh the material from the training.

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Increase User Confidence and Efficiency

Getting Started

Why Microsoft Office Training?

Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, One Note, and Access, are used by individuals both in their personal and professional careers. In fact, knowledge of Microsoft usage is one of the basic requirements for most jobs. Be it accounting, business analysis, marketing or coding, you need to have adequate awareness of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs.

Majority of people have used these programs for typing letters, changing fonts and formats, creating a table and for other key functions. Targeted training along with the level that meets your current ability will increase overall confidence and efficiency.

Our Training Network

The Trainer’s have access to over 60 Professional Trainers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) who are willing to travel. They have travelled all over Canada and the United States to be on-site, giving employees the tools and hands-on experience they need to increase their confidence and efficiency.

We offer a list of software training courses upon request. Contact Us

Key Features & Benefits

  • Gain valuable experience and confidence
  • Promotes greater productivity and efficiency
  • Builds self-confidence and job satisfaction
  • Increased employer recognition

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