About Us

Our Approach

The Trainer’s, as we are best known by over 1000+ companies, succeeds in training and supporting the CRM products we sell. We align a company’s needs with the best fit CRM software tools while keeping the product affordable and easy to use. We have the tips and tricks that escalate the amount of time they need to be successful with their new CRM product. If they follow our recommendations, they have a solution for the life of their company with growth potential.

We started over 18 years ago helping companies with this new technology and we have learned a ton and shared a ton with all who want to learn and use a CRM product.

The process starts with a Demo. When the sale is made, we move the new company into a Project Plan.

Someone has to configure the Database and usually a Database Administrator or Sales Assistant is assigned to the project by the corporation. They use us to help them secure the database for the different types of users. Processes are documented while the training takes place. The very best thing that happens is that the person responsible for the corporate data is taught everything possible so he or she or they become self sufficient with the CRM software.


GoldMine Premier Elite

2012 Top 10 Partner

Meet the Team

Bill Wilson
President / Sales Manager

Bill joined The Trainer’s in 1996 and now handles and oversees all projects and all services to be delivered to our clients. He oversees in the operations of our company and is a great resource for the knowledge he brings to the company. Bill analyzes the needs of our company and acts accordingly. He also supports our clients the same way by bringing benefits and analyzing what they need based on a thorough conversation with our client.

Joanne Wilson
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Joanne is an expert Trainer and specializes in new software implementation. She analyses client needs and makes sure that current processes are activated in your CRM implementation. She is able to train in detail database administrators as well as standard users. Joanne has spent more than 20 years in the Computer Software Training Industry as a consultant with organizations like York University, Sheridan College, and Algonquin College in Ottawa where she provided Microsoft Office Training to students and corporate clients. She is certified as an Instructor of over 25 different software products.

Kortnee Wilson
VP Professional Services / IT / Web

Kortnee joined The Trainer’s in 2002 as a Technician. He oversees and supports all CRM applications for our clients. He is the resident expert in website management, system networks, support, customization, dashboards, and SQL customization. Kortnee keeps an on-going IT watch to ensure that all client systems are functioning optimally.

Ian Ramsey-Planck
Technical Specialist / Programmer

Ian joined the Trainer’s in 2011 and is an expert in system analysts and has expert knowledge on networks systems and CRM software. He works with clients from installation to support and customization. He is an expert in creating Dashboards, SQL triggers and Crystal Reports. He is always ready to take on a challenge including web application integration with CRM Applications.

Tammy Wilson
Office Manager

Tammy joined The Trainer’s in 2004. Tammy holds a certificate in Marketing and she oversees all company operations. She manages all technical support and training scheduling and enjoys maintaining customer relationships. She works hard to meet client needs. She also enjoys running client events such as the Semi-Annual GoldMine Summits.