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Fast and efficient interface for automating the call selection

To make the most of telephone sales resources it is important to minimize the time a representative has to spend selecting calls to make and the time spend preparing and recording the call.

DialPad for GoldMine delivers a fast and efficient interface for automating the call selection and processing on your phone system.

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DialPad will allow you to auto dial your phone by pressing one button.  DialPad integrates to GoldMine and your phone systems to quickly dial your contacts telephone numbers without dialing mistakes.

Optimized Call Logging

All contact and activity information is gathered into one efficient DialPad screen to minimize the time spent on researching call target information and entering information about the call placed.  The DialPad user has access to GoldMine contact fields, contact history and scheduled call information all in one easy to manage screen.  By eliminating the need to jump from window to window and tab to tab – the user prepares for the call quicker and more confidently.

Activity List Dialing

In DialPad the user has direct access to lists of scheduled activity from GoldMine.  The user can in one mouse or keyboard click record the current completed call and load the next scheduled call from the activity list.  By encouraging a user to complete a call and load the next call at the same time the time spent identifying a possible next call is eliminated and the user becomes more efficient.

Contact Group and Filter Dialing

DialPad users may use GoldMine Contact Groups as call list sources.  A DialPad user can call from a contact group or filter list instead of the scheduled activity list. Just as with Activity Lists, DialPad allows the user to quickly call into a list of selected contacts.

Customizable Screen Design

Any GoldMine field can be added to the DialPad call screen to deliver information to the caller and allow the caller to update GoldMine information while on the call and without leaving the call logging screen.

Play Message and Record the Call

When a DialPad user reaches a voicemail box they can just press a button to have DialPad deliver a prerecord message in the users own voice as a message.  This eliminates a repetitive task and frees the user to write up the detail log of the completed call. The user can decide to record a call in progress and have the call recording stored in GoldMine as a linked wave file.

DialPad for GoldMine delivers a fast and efficient interface for selecting who to call, making the call using your phone system, providing information about the contact called and logging the call and required follow up activity

Call Logs

DialPad allows the user to quickly review their own or their teams calling productivity with detail call results, summary counts of number of calls, total call duration and average call length.  Call logs can be printed or sent to Excel.

TAPI, SIP and Skype

DialPad functions as a full SIP soft phone client against any SIP supporting telephone system.  DialPad also supports Skype, Cisco and Shoretel native API integration. For older phone systems DialPad supports any telephone system with a TAPI driver.

Server Requirements
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Microsoft .Net 2.0
  • Software requirements
  • GoldMine version 6.7 or higher, Corporate or Premium Editions
Workstation Requirements / Compatible Phone System
  • TAPI Compliant System
  • SIP Compliant System
  • Avaya Office IP
  • Cisco
  • Shoretel
  • Skype

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