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MasterMine Software, "Business Management & Reporting For GoldMine"

MasterMine is the easiest, fastest way to get and share business-critical information from GoldMine – a MUST for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and report specialists. Beyond reporting, MasterMine is an essential top-down GoldMine management tool.

With this award-winning GoldMine enhancement you not only create reports in seconds from any information in your database, but also change these “live” reports on-the-fly, to “dig deeper” where standard reports leave off. MasterMine reports are so GoldMine-interactive, you can drill right through to specific GoldMine records or build complex GoldMine groups.

Infinite time-saving uses include simple reports, on-the-fly analysis, 1-button graphing, data quality management, database segmentation and group record processing. See how MasterMine completes GoldMine as a data collection AND information management system, making daily management of your business activities and accumulated customer contacts easier and more valuable than you ever thought possible.

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MasterMine® adds THREE key values for any business using GoldMine CRM:


1. Efficient and Effective GoldMine Reporting
  • The most efficient and intuitive GoldMine CRM reporting interface available
  • Drag-and-Drop fields to position in tables
  • Familiar Excel environment
  • Quickly drill-down through any summary for full detail
  • Mailing lists and list views are a snap
  • Clone and branch off to make new reports in seconds
  • Reports maintain links to GoldMine for click-through and GoldMine Group building


Most reporting options require days of training and only give you flat, single function reports when you’re finished. MasterMine’s dynamic and interactive reports can be set up in seconds and 1-button-launched from a taskbar when you need them! Start making the useful reports that your organization needs today!

There’s no excuse for not getting the information you need out of GoldMine CRM!

2. Business Analysis and GoldMine CRM Management
  • Makes your organization’s GoldMine data visible to you:
  • See daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports of activity in GoldMine
  • See information from many different angles to make business-critical decisions
  • Quickly change any report parameter for greater analysis flexibility
  • Segment the database with easy-to-create, easy-to-use overviews
  • Make GoldMine CRM Groups from any data segment, bypassing complicated filter-creation. Use groups to target e-mails, mailings, field updates, assign accounts to GoldMine CRM users.
  • Make tables, charts, graphs and lists in seconds

Marketing and Sales Managers, GoldMine Administrators, and Business Managers save hours on daily processes: Segment the database and send e-mail or letters in one smooth action. Monitor any activity in GoldMine CRM. Analyze lead sources and sales funnels. Assign leads.

MasterMine leverages analytical tools built into Excel making better use of GoldMine’s business logic and built-in features.

3. GoldMine CRM Data Management and Clean-up

Is your GoldMine turning into a junk drawer? Users not entering data properly? Imported data didn’t turn out right? Is it hard to find and fix bad data? Not anymore!

With MasterMine, users quickly find bad data, click-through to GoldMine records AND FIX IT! Or use GoldMine CRM Groups to mass-change large amounts of bad data in seconds. All changes are sync-aware and intuitively correct because you see GoldMine from the top-down, so you know you’re hitting the right targets in your data.

What is bad or lost data costing you every day in lost opportunities?

  • GoldMine 5.x up to Premium Edition 9.x
    The same functionality in any case.
  • SQL 7, 2000, 2005, or 2008
    Both SQL and dBase are served by the same version of MasterMine, and look virtually identical.
  • MS Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32-bit)
    Office 2003 has significant improvements for PivotTables, both for users and the back end, and is more stable.
    Office 2007 and 2010 have greater functionality and are highly recommended.
  • Windows 2000 or higher, including Windows 7
  • 512 MB RAM minimum
    For larger data files (more than a few thousand contacts or 20,000 history records), 2 GB or more is highly recommended.
  • High-speed Networks
    Network speed can be a bottleneck if large files are queried. See the user manual for hints on query efficiency.

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