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GoldMine Premium, an award winning CRM solution. Proven and easy to use, GoldMine allows you to focus on building long-lasting customer relationships. Goldmine Premium Edition offers contact management software that is used by organizations of all sizes to manage the sales pipeline, marketing programs and deliver customer support.

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GoldMine Common Uses

From sales and customer service to marketing automation, marketing management and mobile, GoldMine delivers a complete solution with unparalleled power and functionality. The interface is intuitive and adapts to you with incredible flexibility. That means you can focus more time on growing your business.

For Your Sales Team

GoldMine CRM guides your sales team through day-to-day activities like scheduling meetings, generating opportunities, and supports them throughout the entire sales cycle. Our dashboards and reports deliver a comprehensive view of your data, opportunities and forecasts.

Contact Mangagement

Schedule calls, appointments, to-dos and tasks, complete activities. Search and find key contacts by name or company.

Lead Management

Import leads from your website, link to contact so there is a record of all interactions that can be seen by sales and support teams, assign follow up tasks

Sales & Opportunity Management

Use filtering to prepare segmented lists – create groups of contacts for easy access, import leads from your website, assign to sales rep by territory using automated processes, create simple sales forecasts

Calendar and Task Managment

View pending activities and filter by date or activity. With one click you can edit a contact, schedule an event for your calendar and activity list, schedule a forecast sale to add to your pipeline and complete an unscheduled item such as an incoming call.

Dashboards & Analytics

Customize your dashboards to your needs and reporting requirements. Benefit from real-time information about your customers and share info across accounts, teams and departments.

GoldMine Connect for Web & Mobile

GoldMine Web provides real-time access to your GoldMine database and works as a complement to the Windows desktop client. It's mobile responsive design means you can use it on any device including Apple computers – for remote workers or users on the go.

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Award Winning

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For Your Marketing Team

Get the resources and information you need to build, analyze and manage marketing plans that actually work. From email marketing and automating workflows to processing leads, GoldMine Marketing Automation will generate new opportunities to fill your pipeline.

Marketing Automation

Use filtering to prepare segmented lists – create groups of contacts for easy access and tools to e-mail merge, and utilize built-in telescripts to train your team.

Automated Process for Workflow

Your teams could be spending more of their time working toward a common goal if you free up some of their time. Automating repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to do so.

Team Planning and Collaboration

Shared database to store information about prospects, customers, and third parties. Individual and Shared Calendar to manage calls, appointments, to-dos and tasks.

Customized Marketing Campaigns

Use Campaign Manager to import leads files and assign follow-ups, literature fulfilment center to ship brochures, samples, catalogs.

Dashboards & Analytics

Use over 200 included reports for common information, use industry standard tools like SQL reporting services or popular add-ons, or customize dashboards to your needs.

Integration with ConstantContact

Download Constant Contact campaign stats and individual responses to your emails (requires a constant Contact account)

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For Your Customer Service Team

Quickly resolve issues and exceptional customer experience. With GoldMine, you can efficiently track incidents, assign and escalate cases, pull customer history, reference knowledge base articles and more

Service & Support Managment

Case management functionality in GoldMine® provides customer service agents with the ability to capture service requests, then filter and access the details of each case. It enables your entire service division to pursue, arrange and filter all service requests and optimize workflow throughout the day.

Customizable Knowledge Base

GoldMines Knowledge Base provides a resource for maintaining any type of information useful to an organization or an individual. It can provide easily accessible storage for graphics, multimedia files, and/or program applications.

Complete Tracking Against Contacts

Link Cases to contact records so there is a record of all interactions that can be seen by sales and support teams. All activities will show within the Case and Contact Record to maintain complete collaboration.

Dashboards & Analytics

Use dashboards to get reports on cases and benefit from real-time information across accounts, teams and departments. Build custom Dashboards to focus in on key analytics and give your team the tools and data to efficiently handle support tickets.

Case Management on Web & Mobile

Manage Cases live right within GoldMine Connect anywhere you have an internet connection. Get connected from your Mobile, Tablet or Web Browser on your laptop and start updating your service center tickets.

Outlook & Email Case Linking

GoldMine's integration with Microsoft’s Outlook adds contact message-linking and history tracking. Link your E-Mails from within your Outlook directly to a Case within GoldMine. An e-mail message can be linked to a GoldMine Contact record either during composition or from a message in one of your Outlook folders

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