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GoldMine Premium 2019.1 Released

Released Versions GoldMine Premium 2019.1.0.1899 GoldMine Connect 2019.1.0.1899 What’s New in GoldMine

September 10, 2019 03:27 pm 0

GoldMine Premium 2019.1 Released

September 10, 2019 03:27 pm

Released Versions

  • GoldMine Premium 2019.1.0.1899
  • GoldMine Connect 2019.1.0.1899

What’s New in GoldMine 2019.1

GoldMine 2019.1 brings a new major release for GoldMine CRM. With this release, it also updates the Compatibility Matrix where it now brings support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and Microsoft Office 2019 (32-bit; does not include App Store versions)

  • The Redemption library was upgraded to version 5.20 which is part of the Microsoft Outlook Integration.
  • Add-in Express was updated to version 9.3.4641
  • GoldMine Connect
    • Ability to Create New Cases
    • Add and Edit Opportunity Notes
    • Clear Entries in F2 Lookups with Single Action

What’s Fixed in GoldMine


Includes issues that were addressed after GoldMine 2018.2

  • 58790 Event log entries when browsing through activated Groups or Filters
  • 65374 GoldMine ignores time zone in meeting request from Outlook
  • 65684 Constant Contact blank Reference line in History
  • 65986 Emails with attachments not viewable outside of GoldMine – Multipart/Mixed Error when using IMAP
  • 66091 Cannot add “Details” to Contact in GoldMine Web. The “OK” button does not work
  • 66749 Block account feature not working correctly when shortcut switches are used
  • 67038 GoldSync Service does not start – Event log shows Invalid user or password. failed: Unknown: ffffffff
  • 67054 The container named “” is not defined in this configuration section
  • 67161 Diacritical characters show up as strange characters in reply when using a template
  • 67186 Reply to Activities disabled in Activity List and Pending tab.
  • 67192 Google Sync Configuration cannot be opened
  • 67229 GoldMine Plus for Outlook – GoldMine panes are outside of Outlook and are not usable, titles show AdxTaskPane
  • 67267 GoldMine Link for Outlook – Outlook headers doubled and panel misplaced
  • 67308 Increased the number of failed passwords attempts from 3 to 5 before blocking an account.
  • 67623 Constant Contact integration updated to TLS 1.2 protocol to establish a secure communication channel to all Constant Contact API endpoints.
  • 67625 Foreign characters in ‘internal’ notification emails are destroyed
  • 67631 GoldMine Sent email re-appears in the Outbox when Outlook Link is used with Auto-linking sent emails or emails may duplicate in the History
  • 67695 After Windows 10 1809 update GoldMine will not link emails from Outlook Sent or Outbox. “Link Email Failed” Error Message box displayed. (System Error. Code: 18. There are no more files in GoldMineLink.log)
  • 67747 GoldMine Web Custom details still show default label for fields where custom labels have been configured.
  • 67993 Endless spinning wheel when trying to connect Outlook Link to GoldMine
  • 68678 Columns in Task list view of calendar are not correct, Reference should reflect Activity type (here e.g. Task or even better Project/Opportunity or Case Task)
  • 68684 When opening “My Activities” within GoldMine Web there is a significant delay (30 sec. to 10 min.)
  • 69163 Price Information in GoldMine Web entry is counter-intuitive and causes erroneous entries.
  • 69562 Outlook Link – When using a € (EUR)/ £ (Pound) sign in the GoldMine Password – Link email failed for every email – Error occurred while loading Xml API. Error code: 32 in Log file
  • 69802 User-defined fields in an email template will not auto-populate when using Outlook Link
  • 69881 Only up to 100 Email templates are displayed within GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook
  • 70547 Outlook Link – searching for an email address immediately causes an Email Linked failed error

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