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SugarCRM Winter ’18 (7.11) Release Now Available

SugarCRM has released version Winter '18 (7.11) for all commercial editions. The Winter '18 (7.11) release is available

January 26, 2018 12:21 am 0

SugarCRM Winter ’18 (7.11) Release Now Available

January 26, 2018 12:21 am

SugarCRM has released version Winter ’18 (7.11) for all commercial editions. The Winter ’18 (7.11) release is available for download to On-Site customers and is being automatically applied to On-Demand instances running an earlier version of Sugar.

Winter ’18 will significantly benefit customers running in the Cloud environment. SugarCRM Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Clint Oram, highlights three of this releases most exciting features (brand new user interfaceactionable drill through on reports, and the new Product Catalog dashlet), in the following video. More details on all of the exciting Winter ’18 updates are explained further after the video.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are included in this release:

  • New look and feel : Updated colors and shapes appear throughout Sugar’s Sidecar user interface.
  • Preview user interface : Record previews in the intelligence pane have a more usable layout and updated look and feel.
  • Advanced Workflow field changes to/from functionality : Receive Message events can detect that a particular field has changed and, optionally, react according to the value it changes to or from. This functionality was previously exclusive to Start events.
  • Copying quote records : Users can create quote records via duplication. The original quote’s line items, groups, comments, and related account and opportunity data will carry over to the new quote.
  • Forwarding emails : Users who have configured an outgoing email account in Emails > Email Settings can use Sugar to forward archived email messages to recipients.
  • Unlink emails : Explicitly related emails can be unlinked from the Emails subpanel of related records.
  • Product Catalog dashlet for building quotes : Easily find and add products directly from the Product Catalog dashlet as you create and edit quote records.
  • Actionable drill-through report charts : The following operations are now available when drilling through a report chart: Record Actions menu, Mass Actions menu, Favorite designation, Checkbox selection, and Refresh option.
  • Saved Reports Chart dashlet enhancement : The View Report option has been added to the Saved Reports Chart dashlet allowing users to access the originating report’s detail view.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release. Support portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 80124 : Attempting to log into Sugar may fail with an error for instances using LDAP if the LDAP configuration (e.g. password) contains any HTML special characters (e.g. <>, &).
  • 80116 : An error in the language file may cause MySQL errors.
  • 80099 : The RT GSync integration version 3.7 and higher may not pass the health check as expected.
  • 80056 : When creating a workflow action to create a record in a module associated with the target module (Leads), “Calls” may not be available to select from the modules dropdown list.
  • 79972 : Comments added to a group on the quote worksheet may improperly sort to the bottom of the worksheet after save.
  • 79969 : Changes made to a comment may not preserve as expected when adding another comment in edit mode.
  • 79943 : SAML authentication may not work as expected after upgrade for instances configured with an ADFS server.
  • 79914 : When logged into Sugar with the Spanish (Latin) language, the Accounts, Contacts, Notes, Reports, and Tasks module names display with lowercase characters (e.g. cuentas) on the navigation bar after upgrading to
  • 7990679859 : Summation with Details-type reports containing an ampersand character (&) in the name may not render the report charts or results as expected.
  • 79816 : Accessing quote records via the REST API may not work as expected.
  • 79801 : The RT SalesMap integration version 4.3 and higher may not pass the health check as expected.
  • 79734  : Drill through is not supported for report charts which are grouped by a relate field.
  • 79729 : When Sugar records are created via API, Advanced Workflow processes may not trigger as expected.
  • 79728 : Process business rules always evaluate conditions based on currency fields as true.
  • 79707 : Clicking a URL link from an archived email’s record view may cause the email body to improperly render blank. Navigating back to the email’s record view will display the email body again.
  • 79450 : Creating a call with a start date time (e.g. 9:10 am, 10:35 am) that is not available in the dropdown list may not block out the time period in the user’s schedule as expected.
  • 79302 : Filtering on Decimal fields in list view search may not return search results as expected and result in a 500 error.
  • 79222 : If two modules contain calculated fields containing a related() function that point to each other, deleting one record may cause a new blank record to get created improperly.
  • 79204 : Creating multiple quotes from a related module’s Quotes subpanel (e.g. from an account record) incorrectly duplicates the original quote’s line items as line items in each subsequent quote.
  • 79076 : The quoted line item’s Unit Price field in the Quotes module is uneditable.
  • 78860 : Sugar SSO fails to connect to SAML login URL’s containing an ampersand (&).
  • 78620 : The related record (e.g. Account Name field) links in a module’s record view (e.g. Contacts) may incorrectly be disabled for users assigned a role with View permission set to “Owner”.
  • 78306 : When importing calls or meetings, the current user performing the import is improperly added as a guest to the call/meeting.
  • 77736 : User records may not be clickable from the Organization Chart dashlet to access the Employees detail view.
  • 77410 : After upgrading to Sugar version, performing an import using the pre-set import settings may not map the Email Address field to the corresponding field (Email) as expected.
  • 77291 : Downloading PDF templates containing bold and/or italic text may not display the text in the correct font format.
  • 77255 : When resetting a password via the Reset Password email, including an ampersand character (&) in the new password may cause login issues for subsequent login attempts.
  • 77012 : When creating a custom module in module builder, adding a many-to-one relationship may incorrectly create a duplicate relationship field to the module after saving/deploying the package.
  • 76620 : Users assigned a role with “Access Type” set to “Admin & Developer” for “Users, Teams, and Roles” may not be able to reset passwords for other users as expected.
  • 76428 : Sugar may improperly truncate the attachment name from inbound emails if it contains special characters in the name.
  • 76183 : Sugar improperly attempts to send auto-reply emails using the Admin user’s (id=1) email address instead of the system email address defined in Admin > Email Settings.
  • 75471 : Sugar may not behave as expected and result in an error if the Sugar license is either expired or due to expire.

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