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SugarCRM Fall ’18 (8.2) Release Now Available

SugarCRM has released Fall '18 is now live and available for all customers hosted in the Sugar cloud environment. Fall

October 10, 2018 01:08 am 0

SugarCRM Fall ’18 (8.2) Release Now Available

October 10, 2018 01:08 am

SugarCRM has released Fall ’18 is now live and available for all customers hosted in the Sugar cloud environment. Fall ’18 is the next step in core Sugar Cloud updates, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for cloud customers, as well as heightened levels of predictability for Sugar updates.

Sugar Fall ’18 will significantly benefit customers running in the Sugar cloud environment. In the following video, SugarCRM Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Clint Oram, highlights the major features of this release. More details on all of the exciting Fall ’18 updates are explained further after the video.

Administrator and End User

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are included in this release:

  • Quotes configuration : Administrators can configure the available fields and their order for quotes worksheets when users work with quotes.
  • Grouped bar charts for reports : In addition to the familiar stacked-style horizontal and vertical bar charts in Sugar, users may now select grouped bar charts as a new option for visualizing reports.

Fixed Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release. Support portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 81351 : Sugar’s Health Check errantly reports iNetMiniETL version 1.7.0 as incompatible.
  • 81327 : PHP warning messages regarding Redis connection failures are errantly being written to the apache error logs.
  • 81301 : Upgrades may be non-performant or fail when the instance includes a large number of emails and attachments.
  • 81171 : Upgrades may not complete when the instance includes long database table names.
  • 81114 : Editing a record in the Preview panel to set a related record causes the relationship to be formed twice.
  • 80879 : When in-line editing from a list view, calculated date fields based on related date fields may prevent the record from being saved.
  • 80864 : The link to a lead’s related opportunity is blank on the lead-conversion confirmation screen.
  • 80854 : When adding quoted line items using the Product Catalog Dashlet, customizations making use of the Products product_template_name populate_list vardef are not respected.
  • 80806 : Reports filtering on date fields using single digits for the months or days position may fail to return results.
  • 80783 : Attachments to knowledge base articles created prior to version 8.0.0 may not appear in Sugar after upgrading to 8.x.
  • 80414 : Reports displaying a relate-type field may incorrectly exclude records with a deleted record selected in their relate-type field.
  • 803087857078509, 7850776151 : When accessing Sugar using Internet Explorer or Firefox, attempting to clear a saved filter from the list view or subpanel search may not work as expected.
  • 80049 : Health check incorrectly flags versions 1.01 and higher of the DrillDownReportsChart package as incompatible.
  • 79994 : Custom field values belonging to deleted records are not removed from the database as expected by the Prune Databaseon 1st of Month scheduler job.
  • 79917 : Health check incorrectly flags versions 1.31 and higher of the wGuage package as incompatible.
  • 79782 : Health check incorrectly flags versions 4.5 and higher of the Process Manager package as incompatible.
  • 79002 : List view date filters using the “Is Between” operator may cause overlapping labels when resizing the browser window.
  • 78668 : In certain circumstances, tooltips may persist improperly while navigating through Sugar.
  • 78093 : Datetime filters on reports may not return the expected results depending on the user’s time zone.
  • 78089 : Health check incorrectly considers the “Timeline Dashlet Activities by CARRENET with license validation” package as compatible.
  • 78087 : Health check incorrectly considers versions prior to 4.0 of the “Act-On Integrated Marketing Automation for SugarCRM version 7.x” package as compatible.
  • 75784 : Health check incorrectly considers Zendesk packages prior to version 2.20 as compatible.
  • 73696 : Users attempting to navigate elsewhere after exporting from Legacy modules are instead redirected to the Home page.
  • 73306 : If the default list view filter for a module has been customized, the filter is also applied to its subpanels.
  • 72600 : When viewing a dashlet containing a matrix report’s chart, the total incorrectly shows as 0 when displayed in a user-preferred currency other than the currency of the underlying records.
  • 70388 : When building a report, searching for available fields only returns the first ten matching field names.
  • 66972 : When sorting report results by a date or datetime field belonging to a related module, selected runtime filters may not be applied.

Quotes Module User Interface Configuration

Administrators can configure the available fields and their order for quotes worksheets, generating clear, comprehensive, and accurate quotes for prospects and customers.

Quote UI Configuration

Data Visualization in Reports

In addition to the familiar stacked-style horizontal and vertical bar charts in Sugar, users may now select Grouped Vertical Bar and Grouped Horizontal Bar charts as new options for visualizing reports providing easier data analysis.

vertical chart visualization

Revenue Line Items in Preferred Currencies

Users now have the ability to add revenue line items from the product catalog using their preferred currency instead of the product catalog item’s currency by enabling the Create Revenue Line Items in Preferred Currency option in their user profile.

preferred currency checkbox

Advanced Workflow Recipient Lists

The recipient list for Advanced Workflow process email templates may include email addresses from any module related to the target record as well as recipients related to the related modules, enabling you to reach a wider and more selective set of recipients.

Advanced Workflow features are only available in Enterprise and Ultimate Edition

advanced workflow recipients

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